Creating a
company means
following a path

Many mistakes that lower the value of a company are made in the first months. Putting the right investors to the cap table and setting the initial structure are challenges often underestimated. The right path to a “Proof of Revenue“ can be tricky. Usually, we join our Ventures in founding stage and help them to structure the process.

To develop a product
that rocks the market
requires dedication


We are constantly looking for great ideas. Together with entrepreneurs, partners and investors from our Network and industry experts, we create new ideas and the business models behind them. As a Technical Co-Founder, we are co-creating and shaping the future business.

MVP Development

Together with you, our experienced development team will co-develop a minimum viable product according to defined product roadmap. Our development process follows agile development methodology ensuring an operational digital product incorporating all feedback and validated learning.

Launch & Iterations

We are committed towards fast revenues and traction. All our development efforts are targeted towards value creation. We focus on bringing a great product to live and then maintaining it efficiently while iterating to improve.

Our mutual mission:
Acceleration of the venture journey

We boost our ventures with a
variety of services

Software Development

HR & Recruiting

Marketing & CRM

UX Design

General Management

Access to the Partner and Customer Network of Fincite to leading Banks, Asset Manager, Insurers, Distributors Data Providers, Consultants and many more.

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