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GOIO Data overcomes the lack of good digital data supply from investment accounts for the use at  family offices, investment offices or managers. No matter in which physical form investment accounts are reported, GOIO Data compiles them, checks them and delivers them in a consistent form: Ready to use for better services, analyses and reporting.

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First European Digital Asset Manager for automatized retirement planning. Evergreen incorporates all retirement instruments in one comprehensive platform by connecting efficiently digital asset management and individual client analysis. A proven, scalable and quantitative algorithm for asset management approach ensures high institutional quality at low price.




Alternative Investment Ecosystem for (semi-) institutional clients. IANUA supports professional investors with institutional quality due diligence for investment opportunities, thus creates a trusted environment for investors to engage and invest together.

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First Digital Asset Manager providing services for (semi-) institutional clients. In such digital-enabled environment, investors receive individually-tailored support by a specialist of the respective customer group. Scientifically validated analysis and investment processes from the management that has several years of in-depth industry experience and strong academic background make Leanval a strong competitor in the industry.
LeanVal Investments

inVenture democratizes venture capital investing.

Through tokenization and a self-developed investment platform, inVenture provides retail investors with access to venture capital funds. Through their products, private investors can therefore indirectly invest in renowned venture capital funds alongside the very wealthy and institutional investors – at minimum of €1,000.

Linconomy is creating a digital wealth management platform that will add value to customers by providing solutions and services in a digital format without the limitations Robo advisors and Banks face. On our platform customers will have a holistic overview and real time risk monitoring of wealth, possibility to simulate portfolios, digital and F2F advisory services and access to a machine learning portfolio building algorithm.


TraFinScout is the first holistic export finance marketplace. Its digital platform ease financing buyers abroad, even if order volumes are smaller. Financing options start at less as 250.000 Euro and do not have a ceiling.

Buyer Credits, Letter of Credit Confirmations and Forfaiting are always at a tip of an exporters finger.
The Founders, having about 120 years of in-depth industry experience, making TraFinScout a strong partner for both, the export industry and banks.


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A primary and secondary market place for corporate and comunal loans. Founded by the former Goldman Executive Directors Michael Dreiner and Johannes Haidl, the marketplace allows institutional investor an easy access and negotiation on the terms with communities and corporates.

CAPTIQ is a modular end-to-end credit platform with a B2B/2C solution to fit different credit process requirements.  

The credit platform originally finance members of professional associations (doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.) with institutional investors by providing a new low-risk asset class.



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Metalshub is a marketplace connecting buyers (e.g. foundries) and sellers (e.g. mines) for metals. The digital platform, integrates trade-related services such as logistics, credit insurance and financing in a seamless fashion, thus enables a trusted environment for all involving parties.



PROPTIQ is a platform integrating digital solutions for shared living. The platform removes any pain of managing a shared apartment for both landlords and tenants through an entirely automated process, thereby provides a level of convenience of a normal flat with superior returns.


Companyon provides entrepreneurs with actionable insights, based on research-validated financial analytics.

To let entrepreneurs focus on their business, insightful KPI Dashboards, smart Balance Sheet and P&L analytics, and much more, provide a fast and timely birds-eye-view. Paired with action-oriented recommendations on how to increase value, enhance stability and optimize cash flow, Companyon is a true companion for every entrepreneur.